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Day Three

Well today I started my 3 day Naturally Skinny Smoothie detox. It was actually really hard to get all the smoothies in. I was so full. But I forced them in and I feel absolutely amazing. I have been peeing a lot! But I guess that comes with the territory. I am finding myself being overly productive, not losing concentration at all. I have heaps of energy I wish I could do a massive run but I still cant walk properly on my ankle.

Knowing all my food was pre-prepared for me was great. I didn’t have to think or make any decisions, just kept an eye on the time so I kept getting the smoothies in to me on time.

Lesson learnt today was that I need to be overly prepared every single day. When I don’t have to make decisions, I don’t make the wrong one. Eventually I would like to put decision making back into my days but not until I know I am ready. I have gotten to where I am today because I don’t always make the right decisions for myself.

Really looking forward to and am enjoying changing my life and living the life that I have always dreamed of.

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Day One - The Decision to Change

I hurt my ankle playing netball on Monday. Sitting around feeling frumpy, I started reanalysing what I was going with myself.
So many times I have gotten back to my heaviest weight, always being heavier than the last time.
I am part of the Get Fit & Lean for Life group on Facebook and find daily inspiration from the posts of people. But I also get really confused as there are so many differing opinions going on everyday.. Sometimes i get so wound up and confused by everything I give up on what I’m trying to for myself. I focus on others people’s battles and their successes and i use it as an excuse to stop my own journey.

So today I start on my journey. It’s only for me and not for anyone else.
I know what to do and I need to stop pretending that I don’t..

This is why I have started this blog. To document my 100 day challenge. To hold myself accountable. I am not doing this for anyone other than me. I want to work out what works for me and what doesn’t, what I like doing and what I don’t until I have found a system that works for me.

So today I begin - 100 days doing everything I can at 100%. 100% is the minimum!
Today I decided to kick off with the a 500 calorie fasting day. So far I am up to 220 calories and am looking forward to my chicken and vege for dinner.  I have read a lot about the 5:2 Diet - I am willing to give it a go and see where I end up.

I have also gotten a 3 day detox which is being delivered tomorrow. I have one of the natural vege smoothies 6 times a day for 3 days. I have heard amazing things and am looking forward to having a go.

Here are my before pictures.

My starting weight = 79.7kgs
My starting day 27th November, 2013 which is also the day my new cousin Harrison Joseph was born.

My goal for this 100 days is to get back into the 60’s. So ultimately I am aiming to lose 9.8kgs in 100 days which I definitely think is doable.

It works out that every 10 days or so I need to be losing approximately .98 of a kg, so I am going to aim for 1kg every 10 days.

For now I have decided not to plan any further forward than this. I have found that for me when the idea gets too big - that’s when I back away so for now I am aiming that by day 10 I will be 78.7 : ) Next weigh in December 7

I am going to do this.

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Day Two!

I woke up this morning very hungry after my fasting day yesterday but I am already feeling better within myself, less bloated and less tired.
Today I am working in a commercial kitchen so my biggest challenge is not grabbing at all the food so readily available. Today I won’t touch anything!

I’m still not walking very well on this ankle but will get in and do some upper body weights tomorrow morning..

The day at the kitchen went pretty well. I did eat some food I wasn’t proud of but I also made a realisation.

I didn’t even think about it, I just grabbed the food and ate which isn’t right. I know now I need to be conscious of what I am doing and say no to food - like any other addiction or habit!